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    I would like to park my car at the airport every time I take a flight. Sometimes, I am away for a few weeks. I don’t want to worry during this period.

    I want to make sure that my car is safe. I also want to come back to a car that is in good condition. What can I do, especially in winter, to make sure my car will be in good shape?

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    I am sure you can do a few things to make sure your car will be alright. I understand what you are saying regarding winter. However, even in summer, you may need to give extra attention as well.

    You can try to make sure the paint does not deteriorate. It is not all that expensive to do, neither is it really difficult. Before you go, you can apply a polymer wax layer to help protect the paint. This can be pretty effective and does not cost a lot. Our winter weather can be pretty brutal. By applying this, it forms a protective barrier on your car’s paint job.

    Even a spray wax can do a good job. By doing this, it can save you money in the long run, since it helps to keep the paint in good condition.

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    You could protect your whole car with the use of a good car cover. This is what I do. I use a service called Park’N Fly. When I leave my car in their lot, I cover it. This protects the paint as well as other areas.

    Sure, you have to invest in a good cover, but I think it is definitely worth it. There are covers that you can get for your car that is weather specific.

    So, no matter when you park your car before a flight, you can use the appropriate cover to protect it. Then when you get back, it should not be a problem. That’s the last thing you want upon arrival!

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    You know that in winter, tires take on more importance. Make sure that they are filled to the right level before you head off.

    Then, upon your return, they should be fine to get you safely home. In the event it isn’t, then go carefully to a place where you can fill it to the right level before you drive home.

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    Before you fly off, make sure to check all your fluids by a professional. You could also have your tires checked while you are there.

    Checking your fluids, especially in winter is a smart move. This gives you some peace of mind when you get back. It should still be fine.

    Some of the things you need to check are the oil, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze and the transmission fluid.

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    There are some good suggestions here. You can also use a parking service at the airport to help keep your car safe.

    You need to make sure that the place you park is fenced-in and properly lit as well. The more experienced the company, the better.